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Easily collect item donations for any personal cause.

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Hosting a birthday party or event? Leverage your guest list to make a difference for those in need. DonationTable makes it easy to collect item donations for any personal cause, foundation or charity, any time of the year without the awkwardness of asking your friends and family for cash or checks.


You can be flexible

Accepting item donations vs. cash means you can support virtually any personal cause; from the local school library, to the youth group or community garden co-op.


You can be specific

Don’t limit yourself to canned foods; customize your event registry to collect exactly what’s needed, from Dr. Seuss books, to junior kindergarten basketballs, to trowels.


It's lightning fast

Your guests don’t need to sign up or create an account; our automated system matches them with an item on your registry in a few short texts.

Ready to make a difference at your next party?
Here’s how it works:

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Sign Up

and create your item registry

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DonationTable app screenshot

Share Your Event Code

with your guests using FB events, email or even invitation cards

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DonationTable app screenshot

In Just Three Short Texts

your guests can pledge for their item

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Email notifications keep you in the loop

No time to sign-in? No worries, each pledge generates an email notification so you stay informed from wherever you are.

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Pledges are tracked in your account

You can view pledge counts in real-time from your account, and run reports grouped by guest mobile phone number to help with the thank you’s.

You can make a difference!

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