What kinds of items can I collect?

Children’s shoes and clothes, flatware, travel size shampoos, soap and conditioners, children’s books, the sky is the limit!

(there are prohibited items, please be sure to sure to check the terms and conditions for using the site, or contact us if you aren’t sure).

Do I need to use a special invitation?

No, you don’t have to use any special invitations, please use whatever you are accustomed to; this includes online, digital invitations like Evites, paper invitations, social media, and more. Just be sure to include these necessary details:

  • The text keyword is ‘gift’.
  • The phone number to the DonationTable texting service, which is listed at the top of the event listing page in your account.

For Example:

“Please text “gift” to 555-555-5555 to show your support…”

(555-555-5555 is NOT the texting service phone number, please do not circulate that number to your guests)

Do guests pick from a list of available items?

No. Unlike a wedding registry, DonationTable picks an item from your registry and assigns it to a guest. This takes the indecision out of pledging and spreads pledges more evenly across your registry. For this reason it also important to fill your registry with items that have fairly equal costs. You can also include the approximate cost range of all the items in your announcements; for example:

“We’re collecting items under $10 for Johnny’s school garden; please text ‘gift’ to 555-5555 for instructions on how you can help…”

Can guests cancel pledges?

Yes, if you want them to.

To enable ‘unpledging’, edit your event, and select the radio button for ‘Guests Can Unpledge. Please note that when a guest unpledges, they unpledge all their pledges.

How can I see which guests have pledged for an item?

Click once on the event code of your event, select ‘Email Pledge Report’ from the Events Menu and a report of pledged items by guest mobile number will be sent to the email associated with your account.

What if I have fewer items to collect than I have guests?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Enable ‘oversubscription’ for your event; this allows pledges to exceed your goals. You can access event oversubscription settings by clicking once on the event code for your event ID and selecting Edit Event from the Event Options menu. Click the “?” for an explanation of how each setting impacts pledging.
  • Canned food, utensils, crayons, etc… are fairly common catch-all type items that you can use to supplement your registry.
  • Or, think bigger! Increase your item goals, and see what happens!

Do you have any examples of how to encourage guests to participate?

“To support our event charity, please text ‘gift’ to 555-555-gift and enter event code 12345 when prompted.”

“We are collecting inexpensive donations to support My Charity, and we’d like your help! Please text ‘gift’ to 555-555-gift and enter event code 12345 for more details.”

Keep in mind that your guests are not selecting items from a list, rather they are assigned available items. If you broadcast a listing of all the items you’ve loaded into your registry, expect that some guests will purchase the items and not go through the DonationTable text registry. This isn’t a bad thing – nothing is more important than a willing supporter donating items to your cause – however, it will throw off the totals in your reports.

Is DonationTable really free?

Yes, and no. Although we do not currently charge event organizers or their guests, as with all texting services, standard data and text charges from the carriers may apply.

If you’d like to give a donation to help with expenses, we accept contributions with gratitude through PayPal. Please contact us at info@donationtable.com for details.

Why use DonationTable?

We built DonationTable to make collecting item donations at your events fast, and easy. Having a registry means you can dictate the quantity of each item you receive, and let the technology manage spreading donations across your entire registry. By assigning items to your guests, vs. letting them choose from a list, there’s no’cherry picking’; you can expect a more even distribution across all your items.

Can guests deduct item donations from their taxes?

Great question. We suggest guests consult with a tax professional before deciding whether to include item donations collected via DonationTable on their tax returns.

Why do you ask for my zip code?

This is to support a coming-soon feature of DonationTable. By asking for your zip code we will be able to show you charities with drop off locations in your area that partnered with DonationTable to help event organizers fill in their registries.

Can guests pledge for more than one item?

Absolutely! If a guest that’s already pledged for an item texts back into the system it will recognize they’ve pledged before and give them the option to pledge for an additional item.

Your question isn't listed? Get in touch and we'll help you out.